We have a vision for careers, finances, vacations, retirement, but surprisingly little for marriage or family. Many assume that marriage and family will just play out organically and with that assumption comes survival mode, reactionary parenting, fuzzy grandparenting lines, and marriage-turned-business-partners. How different would our lives look if we took a weekend to get tools to build our family and paint a picture of the kind of dad/mom/grandparent we desire to be? Our encouragement to you is to not leave the fate of your marriage and family to happenstance but join us to feed on things that inspire and get intentional.

You are invited to us for our Family Life Conference held Friday, April 24-Sunday, April 26 with speakers Ken and Trudi Blount.

In a culture that often de-values family life and undermines God’s design for marriage and parenting, Ken Blount Ministries stands determined to provide families with the resources, the skills, and the spiritual support needed to go against the flow.
With a background of 30+ years in ministry, Ken and Trudi Blount’s Godly wisdom, practical experience, and passion to see families succeed will inspire and equip you to raise up a strong family in this corrupt world.

When you go to register, your kids will thank you for registering them for the Friday night child care and the Saturday Kids Day Camp.